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Watch as the trades are copied to your account automatically and manage your Copy Trading portfolio in a simple and transparent way.

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The general idea of our groundbreaking CopyTrader tool is pretty simple: choose the trader you want to copy, choose the amount you want to copy them with, and watch your account copy their trades automatically..

CopyTrader – Copying all trades

The CopyTrader system gives Copiers the option to copy all of the currently open trades of the Copied Trader. Copiers choosing this system will have the existing open trades of the trader they are copying opened in their account, with the following terms.



Client Says

  • I'm copying the signals through the site and finally earning a profit.

    Anna Janne
  • I work in a company and I do not have time for Forex trading, this way of copying signals from the best traders is a good shot for me.

    Song Bah
  • is very easy to use.

    Emili Wilson

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